• 2017 Ph.D. Oregon State University, USA.
  • 2010 M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.
  • 2000 Kerala University, India.


2017, Postdoc, CISPA, Saarland University Germany

  • Postdoctoral researcher at the center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability, under Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller

2017,1..3 Intern Galois Inc. U.S.A

  • Worked on Darpa’s CFAR (Cyber Fault-tolerant Attack Recovery)

2014,7..9 Intern Puppetlabs U.S.A

  • Contributed Solaris 10 and 11 support for Native Factor bringing parity with the Ruby Factor.
  • Implemented a common build environment for Solaris, Windows, and FreeBSD Native Factor, build toolchain and its dependencies.
  • Investigated utility of different static analysis tools for Ruby code in Puppet, and implemented custom cops for puppet code for using Rubocop.

2013,7..9 Intern Puppetlabs U.S.A

  • Investigated different solutions for Postgresql streaming replication and failover, and developed initial puppet module for Postgresql clustering.

2012,7..9 Intern Puppetlabs U.S.A

  • Developed release tasks for Solaris 11 packages for Puppet, Factor and Hiera
  • Handled preliminary release of Solaris 11 IPS Package for Puppet 3.0.0
  • Fixed Solaris specific problems in Puppet 3.x and ensured that it worked correctly for this release.
  • Worked with Q.A and Ops to enable Solaris infrastructure in Puppet Labs

2004–2010 Member of Technical Staff Sun Microsystems India

  • Integrated various Apache modules and Squid cache for OpenSolaris.
  • Built framework which enabled non-root, relocatable installations of opensource components and developed common service functions library for Sun Web Stack.
  • Worked in web server clustering with session-failover capability and reverse proxy, implemented TCL shell scripting for administration.
  • Contributed implementation of FTP, (SSL) CONNECT and SOCKS protocols for proxy server.
  • Contributed to caching subsystem including cache manipulation tools, cache eviction, and implementations of ICP and CARP cache coordination protocols.
  • Contributed to light-weight session failover – a clustering framework for Web Server.

2002–2004 Member of Technical Staff Quark Media House Chandigarh

  • Worked in load-balancer and cache implementation for Quark Document Server farms.
  • Worked in Simple messaging and XSLT presentation layer for Quark Web Server.

2000–2002 Developer,Research Group SunTec Business Solutions Thiruvananthapuram

  • Implemented rating and billing engine for telephony call records, SOAP Service API for the billing interface, provided domain sensitive caching and transaction control in the client for billing engine.


  • PLDI 2019, Mathis, Gopinath, Mera, Kampmann, Höschele, Zeller, “Parser-Directed Fuzzing”
  • ICSTW Mutation 2018, Gopinath, Mathis, Zeller, “If You Can’t Kill a Supermutant, You Have a Problem”
  • IEEE Transactions on Reliability 2017, Gopinath, Ahmed, Alipour, Jensen, Groce, “Mutation Reduction Strategies Considered Harmful”
  • ICSTW Mutation 2017, Gopinath, Walkingshaw, “How Good Are Your Types? Using Mutation Analysis to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Type Annotations”
  • ICST 2017 Gopinath, Jensen, Groce “The Theory of Composite Faults”
  • ASE 2016 Alipour, Gopinath, Shi, Marinov, Groce “Evaluating Non-Adequate Test-Case Reduction”
  • FSE 2016 Ahmed, Gopinath, Brindescu, Groce, Jensen “Can Testedness be Effectively Measured?”
  • ISSTA 2016 Alipour, Groce, Gopinath, Christi “Generating Focused Random Tests Using Directed Swarm Testing”
  • ICSTW Mutation 2016 Gopinath, Alipour, Ahmed, Jensen, Groce “Measuring Effectiveness of Mutant Sets”
  • SQJ 2016 Gopinath, Ahmed, Alipour, Jensen, Groce “Does the choice of mutation tool matter?”
  • ICSE (Abstract) 2016 Gopinath, Jensen, Groce “Topsy-Turvy: A smarter and faster parallelization of mutation analysis”
  • ICSE 2016 Gopinath, Alipour, Ahmed, Jensen, Groce “On the limits of mutaion reduction strategies”
  • ISSRE 2015 Gopinath, Alipour, Ahmed, Jensen, Groce “How hard does mutation analysis have to be, anyway?”
  • ESEM 2015 Ahmed, Gopinath, Mannan, Jensen “An empirical study of design degradation: how software projects get worse over time”
  • ICSTW Mutation 2014 Le, Alipour, Gopinath, Groce “Mutation Testing of Functional Programming Languages”
  • ISSRE 2014 Gopinath, Jensen, Groce “Mutations: How close are they to real faults?”
  • ISSTA Tools 2014 Le, Alipour, Gopinath, Groce “MuCheck: An extensible tool for mutation testing of haskell programs”
  • ICSE 2014 Gopinath, Jensen, Groce “Code coverage for suite evaluation by developers”
  • SPLASH 2014 Groce, Alipour, Gopinath “Coverage and its discontents.”
  • FASE 2012 Erwig, Gopinath “Explanations for regular expressions”


  • Lorentz center, Leiden University, Netherlands, 2018 Gopinath “Look Ma No Hands: Learning Input Grammar without Inputs”
  • TU Darmstadt, Germany, 2017 Gopinath “Pygram: Learning input grammars for Python programs”
  • GTAC 2016 Gopinath, Ahmed “Code Coverage is a Strong Predictor of Test Suite Effectiveness in the Real World”

Professional Service


Research Interests

Software Testing, Programming Languages, Parallel, Concurrent and Distributed Systems


Won excellence awards for two quarters in 2004 and 2005 at Sun Microsystems

(last updated in 2017-08)